Our Mission

In the poorest regions of the Third World, Community Cares for Kids has reached out to needy children, particularly those born with birth defects or suffering from post traumatic deformities.  Based In the small Pennsylvania town of Shavertown, Community Cares for Kids was formed by ordinary men and women and small businesses to show that Individuals can make a difference · friends and neighbors working together “are the best medicine”for hearts and souls.

Since 1996, plastic surgeon Dr. Francis Collini and a medical team have gone to Ecuador each year to operate on children desperately In need of reconstructive surgery. They work around the clock for one week every summer and bring with them not only a cadre of doctors and nurses but all their needed medical and surgical supplies.

In 2006, with the opening of a new ambulatory surgery center, Dr. Collini and a group of committed volunteers have expanded this humanitarian mission to help more children in other parts of the world and during the other fifty-one weeks of the year by bringing children to the Shavertown facility.


Here is what makes Community Cares for Kids Special:

• We’re an organization made up entirely of volunteers.

• All of our administrative, legal, and accounting tasks are done by individuals donating their time and expertise and by small businesses working pro bono.

• We use of state-of-the-art medical facilities donated by Dr. Francis Collini and Susan Collini facility director.

• All of our doctors and nurses work on a 100% volunteer basis, collecting no salaries or fees.

• All donations go directly to the medical mission and actual expenses.

• We promise complete transparency for donations and costs (an accounting is available to public)