Fun Facts


  • Community Cares For Kids (CCK) began when Hands Healing Hearts disbanded in 2006.
  • Attorney Brian Price helped get CCK started.
  • Snyder & Clemente, accountants; DLP law firm; and the Renaissance Center for Plastic surgery donate all administrative costs.
  • Zane Taney designed and donated the CCK original logo.
  • Wilkes-Barre General Hospital and Geisinger have donated materials, staff and hospital facilities to the CCK cause.
  • CCK volunteers are secretaries, housewives, bankers, lawyers, teachers, social workers, artists, business owners, authors/ writers, train conductors, seamstresses, administrators, doctors, nurses, anesthetists, landscapers, housekeepers and tax collectors.
  • The CCK committee has increased to over 20 volunteer members.
  • The Plastic Surgery Education Foundation and Smile Train have sponsored the CCK mission numerous times.
  • CCK was chosen as one of the top four medical mission groups in the world by PSEF of The American Society of Plastic Surgery in 2008.
  • State Congresswoman Karen Boback and State Senator Lisa Baker are friends and personal supporters of CCK.


  • The original CCK volunteer physicians, Drs Collini, Morhaim, and Levens, were all best friends at Columbia University.
  • From 2007-2014 CCK has performed over 500 operations and counting.
  • Approximately 30 volunteers head to Ecuador annually to operate on children in need.
  • Volunteers for the CCK mission have come from New York, Pennsylvania, Florida , California , Missouri , North Dakota , Puerto Rico , United Kingdom, Canada, North Carolina , and Georgia.
  • Dr Collini’s mother, Cynthia, and his father, Dr. Francis Collini, Sr., packed and inventoried all the medical supplies for Hands Healing Hearts and CCK for over twelve years.
  • Cynthia Collini worked as a nurse on eight medical missions to Ecuador.
  • “Surgical intervention” of cleft lip and palate repair in Third World countries is socially just as important as the physical repair since children are ostracized because of their appearance.
  • Lily, a patient from the Philippines on whom Dr Collini operated along with Dr. Contando and Dr. Shlifka from Geisinger WV, has become an international spokesperson for CCK and will be attending Carnivale 2014 as a guest speaker.
  • CCK discovered Lily from the Philippines through a local patient of Dr Collini’s.
  • It took eighteen months to facilitate and organize Lily’s surgery.
  • It is to nearly impossible to find local children requiring our surgical services, as they are usually “taken care of ” by the American medical system.
  • CCK has performed five extensive operations on patients from our local area.
  • CCK volunteers have inquired at churches and schools to find children that may have fallen through the cracks.


  • The very first fundraiser was a calendar comprised of artwork by Dallas Middle School students attempting to “capture” the essence of CCK.
  • The first Carnivale fundraiser barely broke even.
  • In New Jersey, New York, and Florida, Arthur and Bonnie Ponte have created, chaired, and facilitated fundraising efforts on behalf of CCK by cooking and catering their personal “best recipes” in a banquet type venue raising over $20,000.
  • CCK fundraisers have had the privilege of hosting  members of Congress and the Assistant Surgeon General of United States.
  • Rear Admiral Scott Giberson, Assistant Surgeon General. grew up in the Back Mountain and is the nephew of CCK volunteer Yvonne Mould.